Saturday, March 03, 2012

Reading Eggs ~ TOS Review



I recently began trying to teach my 3 y/o daughter her alphabet and it really has been hit or miss. She never wants to stick with one letter long and tends to not want to work on the activities I set out. So far it is all play and we are ok with that but I want to begin a more structured lesson with her. It has been a struggle with her resistant and me frustrated. Lucky for me I was given the chance to check out Reading Eggs.


Reading Eggs is an online program that teaches your children how to read. Beginning at age 3 with letter sounds and continuing up through age 13 developing stronger reading skills and fluency Reading Eggs is complete reading curriculum. Interactive games and activities motivate children to keep exploring and learning, click for a FREE TRIAL.






I had my daughter start at the beginning since she hasn’t learned any of this yet, but there is an assessment my 9 y/o son took which placed him with a reading age of 5.75. This is my only problem with the program, it seems to not be very accurate with the assessments. He got every question correct yet the program started him in level 8 out of 12. His actual reading level is that of a 13 year old so this was a bit puzzling to me. I do understand it is based on the work completed so far but I believe that it should be more accurate especially for older children who might lose motivation because of a low perceived reading ability.


There is a second portion to the site called Reading Express that addresses the reading needs of the older student. With a library full of a variety of leveled e-books, 200 comprehension lessons, and a great selection of games and activities in the virtual world.


We really enjoyed Reading Eggs and Reading Express and plan on using it for some time. I really saw my daughter get excited about her letters and she seems to have grasped in a few weeks what before took me months to get her to do. I loved that they had free printable worksheets for each lesson and that they were very simple, perfect for the shorter attention spans of a preschooler.


Optional book packs are also available for purchase for Level 1 or 2 that are $65.00 and include 40 reading books + 200 stickers, 4 mini posters, 4 Activity books and a pack of durable Flashcards with games keyed to each levels lessons. For $110.00 You can purchase both packs.

Reading Eggs is membership based and has 3 subscription options.

  • Monthly – $9.95
    Full access to Reading Eggs
    Full access to Reading Eggspress
    Will be renewed automatically 5 days, before renewal date, cancellation notice required
  • 6 Months – $49.95
    Full access to Reading Eggs
    Full access to Reading Eggspress
    Only $8.33 a month
  • 12 Months – $75.00
    Full access to Reading Eggs
    Full access to Reading Eggspress
    Only $6.25 a month – Best Value!

* Your second child receives a 50% discount when purchasing the same subscription in the same transaction.


Disclaimer: I received a free trial for the above product in exchange for my honest opinion. I have not been compensated in any other way.

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