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TOS Review ~ Creek Edge Press Earth & Space Science Task Cards


LogoCEPDo you ever have those moments where the day is just what you imagined homeschooling was going to be like. You know way back before reality set in. I have to admit I do, but it is not the norm around our chaotic, happy, loud, messy house. Often we are struggling to get everything finished on time and trying to maintain sanity amid multiple meltdowns over various things from any one (or more of the children). I have recently experienced many more of these perfect homeschool days, however. You wouldn’t think that, considering I just had a baby 2 weeks ago and my dear husband is training with the military in another state, but Creek Edge Press has made it possible. I am so grateful for this resource since it has most likely saved my family from extinction.


I have always been inspired to make our homeschool experiences Classical, and the methods of Miss Charlotte Mason and Miss Maria Montessori incorporate wonderfully with my goals and our desires for our children to be life longer learners. To that end we have used narrating and living books extensively in our schooling adventures. Creek Edge Press Task Cards are the perfect complement to our studies. A wonderful way for my children to be self directed and independent within the chosen study.


What are Task Cards?
”Each Task Card Set includes a set of Task Cards and a Course Introduction. The cards are designed to engage the student in investigative, discovery based learning. Each card within a set is intended to be used at a pace of about one per week. The tasks direct students to research and explore concepts and vocabulary surrounding a particular topic which is stated on the card. Further key concepts and vocabulary are encountered within the subsequent tasks. The student engages in completing these tasks within a learning environment prepared by the teacher. The work is done during a work period set aside for Task Card use.”


After reading through the course introduction for Earth and Space Science I decided to just dive in and have both my 4th and 9th grader work on these. I went through the Book List and Supporting Links and gathered together what books and things we needed to complete the first card. I instructed the boys on how to use the cards and pretty much left them alone. I hoped they would be able to just pick up the card and work through each task independently. I was pleased to find that not only were they empowered to be independent and do the work, but their work was deeper than that which they have done recently. My boys were doing independent research, diligently working to complete each task, and showing pride in accomplishing those tasks.






I did not add anything extra for my older son but we feel that his tasks could be altered easily enough to reflect appropriate grade level work. To see what topics are covered in the set we used take a look at the Earth and Space Scope & Sequence. I really enjoyed this way of teaching and letting my children learn through this method. It reminds me of the easy laid back days when we first began home schooling but without all the hours of planning from ME! I have longed to get back to this way of doing school for awhile now and I am so thankful I have been introduced to Creek Edge Press.

The Task Card Approach consists of several sets across all subject areas including:

  • Science (K-8th) $18/set
  • History (K-8th), Geography and Culture (K-6th) $20/set
  • Art (K-12) $32/sets I, II, III
  • Music (K-12) $32/sets I, II, III
  • Grammar Reinforcement (2nd-6th)$18/sets I, II

Replacement cards are available for $.50 a card.

I received Earth and Space Science for this review, for thoughts from other TOS Crew members on additional sets please click the banner at the top of this post.


Disclaimer: I received the above product free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given to me.

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