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IL Homeschool Links

Welcome to Homeschooling through the 50 States today we are visiting Illinois!


Getting Started
HSLDA New Homeschoolers
Home School Legal Defense Association
HSLDA IL homepage
IL Law Analysis
IL Legal brief

Statewide support groups
Searchable database for IL support groups
Homeschool Centrals IL links page   Lot’s of great regional groups here!
IL Christian Home Educators      
Yahoo support groups
Used Curriculum Yahoo group
Homeschool IL Yahoo group
Seriously if you search “IL homeschool” in Yahoo groups  there are too many groups to list here so I am just linking the search results HERE

Methods Articles and Links
Homeschool Advisor
Homeschool stores and curriculum providers
Rainbow Resource
Christian Book Distributors


Compulsory attendance: Between the ages of 7 and 17 inclusive unless graduated from high school.

Required Days/Subjects: 176 days and instruction must be in the English language. Parents must provide instruction in the same “branches of education” that children of “corresponding” age and grade receive in public school. The statute identifies the branches of education as: language arts, math, biological, physical and social sciences, fine arts, and physical development and health.

Teacher Qualifications: None.
Standardized Tests: Not required by statute.

Home School Statute: None but there are 5 alternative statutes that allow for homeschooling including one which states:

“A child shall not be considered neglected or
abused solely because the child is not attending school …”

And there is even an Education Tax Credit available if you qualify and you go for that sort of thing. For more information:

Disclaimer: In no way is this the only info you need. Do your research and do your part to keep homeschooling free for all of us. This is for informational purposes only and not legal advice.


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