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Welcome to Homeschooling through the 50 States today we are visiting Nebraska!


Getting Started
HSLDA New Homeschoolers
NE Department of Education
Home School Legal Defense Association
HSLDA NE homepage
NE Law Analysis
NE Legal brief

Statewide support groups
Nebraska Christian Home Educators
Searchable database for NE support groups
Homeschool Centrals NE links page
Lot’s of great regional groups here!
Homeschooling in NE
Yahoo support groups
Used Curriculum Yahoo group
Catholic Homeschoolers in Omaha Yahoo group
Blair Area Homeschool Yahoo group
Searching Yahoo Groups really wasn’t any help and I found very few groups. If you know of any please put them in your comments below!

Methods Articles and Links
Homeschool Advisor
Homeschool stores and curriculum providers
Rainbow Resource
Christian Book Distributors


Compulsory attendance: Between the ages of 6 and 18 as of January 1st of that year. Parents may file a notarized statement with the local district to exempt a child under 7 for one year. Parents may also graduate a child when the homeschool program is completed, or may exempt a child from attendance after age 16 by signing a notarized release.

Required Days of Instruction:
Elementary – 1032 hours
High School – 1080 hours
Required Subjects:
Language arts, math, science, social studies, and health

Teacher Qualifications: None.
Standardized Tests: None required but the State Board of Education has the option to adopt regulations for testing.

Home School Statute: None, but there are Alternative Statues Allowing for Home Schools. Parents have 2 choices, either assertion of religious or non-religious objections to state requirements. The state has one set of rules and forms for religious objections(Rule 12) and a another for non-religious objections (Rule 13). The forms must be filed each year. If filing under Rule 12 must comply with vaccination requirements of the state.

Letter of Intent:
None required but there are other forms that must be filled out. To operate a home school under Rule 12 or Rule 13, parents must annually file the following:
A.“Parent or Guardian Form” (Form A) - Each of the parents must sign (and file) a separate notarized “Parent or Guardian Form” (Form A).
This form states which rule the homeschool falls under, that the program of instruction complies with the required subjects, and the instructors are approved by the parents.
B.“Parent Representative Form” (Form B) – Some adult (usually but not necessarily a parent) must annually also file a notarized “Parent Representative Form” (Form B). The Parent Representative must affirmatively accept certain legal duties. This includes the duty to submit information on student enrollment and attendance, monitors, and the sequential program of instruction.
C.”Information Summary” (supplemental sheet to Form B) – The Parent Representative must also file an Information Summary prior to the date that the home school begins operation and annually thereafter by July 15th. This must include the following:
i. A calendar for the school year indicating instruction hours (For a home school, this can be a very general statement of when the school term begins and ends.).
ii. A list of all “instructional monitors” in the home school (typically the parents); including name, address, age, highest level of education completed, names of educational institutions attended and the specific years attended, and a summary of prior teaching experience.
iii. A scope and sequence for each grade level.

Upon enrollment of a child’s first year of home education, a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate (or other proof as allowed by law) must be submitted.

Most important, in my opinion, is that in order to comply with the law is that both parents, even if they are married and living in the same home, must file these forms separately.

Disclaimer: In no way is this the only info you need. Do your research and do your part to keep homeschooling free for all of us. This is for informational purposes only and not legal advice.



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