Friday, August 06, 2010

Monday, Aug 2 – Friday, Aug 6: Curriculum Week

I have already done a post on our curriculum for the year but I really want to participate in the Not Back To School Blog Hop.


I have decided to go ahead and do some images of our curriculum to go with my never ending (or so it seems) list! We have decided to put our 2 boys (Connor 8 & Brad 14) together this year for much of their school work.  This is only our second year Home Schooling and from our experiences last year we discovered I was spending too much time planning (even though I enjoyed that) with trying to do it free. So we bit the bullet, had a fundraiser (which helped us afford about 50%), saved our tax return money and purchased:

MFW- ECCECCbooks Which makes up our Core

Keys 4 Kids and Adventure Biblesk4knivbible

Plants Grown Up and For Instructions In Righteousness


firr Takes care of Bible & Character Studies

Song School Latin ssl

Latin Primer A

latin for childrenFor our foreign language

50 States Under God History  Geography and Missouri State History



mohistoryCovers our State, Government and Geography of the US where we need to fill in some gaps


Feed My Sheep feedmysheep

Provides our art and nature studies


This is pretty much where the common work stops and the independent stuff comes in.


Draw Write Now

Writing Strands Levels 2 

Conquering Cursive Book 1

Primary Language Lesson


Which makes up DS8’s English

Apologia’s Exploring Creation With…Zoology 1 Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day


                                DS8’s Science



Draw Write NowBradenglishcollage

Writing Strands Levels 4

Our Mother Tongue

Progeny Press Literature Study Guides (Bridge to Terrabithia & Swiss Family Robinson)                                   Covers DS14’s English


Apologia’s Exploring Creation With…Physical Science


                               DS14 Lab Science

And last but not least Math


MUS Beta & Gamma

We will also be adding in any extras we get throughout the year as a part of TOS Crew.



Briana said...

What a great idea to have a fundraiser! Looks like your students will be learning a lot this year.

I'm happy to hear that TOS is going to feature one of your posts. You must be excited! Thanks for stopping by my blog to encourage me. 'preciate it.

Mrs. Mandy said...

No problem and thanks. I figured the PS's have kids schleping for funds so we can still do it just our supporters can actually see what their funds go towards. I am thinking of having an Open House in Oct. for them to see what we are up to.


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