Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Monday, Aug 9 – Friday, Aug 13: School Room Week




I am just about finished with all my planning, only a few more details really before we start next week. So I though I’d repost my School Room here for the Not- Back-To-School Blog Hop…

I am excited to finally get around to planning out our school year but have had something else weighing heavily on my mind about feeling ready. You see I am one of those people that just sets things down with good intention to find it a home later only I never do and only set it somewhere new. So needless to say our school room was a bit of a wreck. I am still trying to finish my youngest son’s portfolio so things were very much piled all over.

My main issue was this enormous desk I inherited from my aunt and uncle when they wanted to rid themselves of it for a bit. It is great to store things in but it’s just so big and our basement is not! It had to be replaced with something though because I needed to have storage.

 000_0011 A place to pile everything




    Nowhere to put it all!000_0009My hubby helped me to reorganize which is my weak point but after a couple very long days we did it! I felt so disorganized last year I knew we needed to change something before I began this year.

000_0008 As you can see quite cluttered and we did school on the couch with tv trays alot!

We moved the Bowflex to the garage and bought a few more bookcases and 2 student desks over the last part of the school year so I really only had to get things in order and figure out how to work it with this desk.

So this is what we ended up with.


My little sweet girl’s desk and the basement entrance.
See the hooks above for pocket charts to hang from? The schoolhouse chalk wall is from Upper Case Living.


Messy during purging phase,lol! 100_2995Going to the left in the pic.

100_3013 100_3017


Oh looky there…some workboxes have gotten a new and better home. Much better.


Now coming across the far wall… more Upper Case Living Art! 

 100_3014         My favorite Bible Quote!100_3026




Overview of the back of the couch facing back wall.


Bookcases and the boys desks.

100_3020 100_3015

We color code our kids Oldest is Orange/Yellow and Middle is Purple (or in this case blue since purple was not an option) and little miss is our youngest and only girl so she is red or pink…of course!

100_3021 100_3022 Like the cushions? Walmart for about $9 each, not what I wanted to pay but they are rubber backed and do not move so it’s worth it to me!100_3023

And back to the other side of the basement which is our family room. See our oodles of board games on the shelves?

100_3027 Our School name above the workboxes.





My sweet hubby also had a little surprise of his own for me! He created this little sewing area for me in our laundry room (which is on the other side of the wall that our workboxes are on). Isn’t he the greatest?

100_3028 100_3029

So have you changed where you home school or re- arranged the area you use? Let me know what you think of our space.



D and A said...

nice job on your room and organizing. I understand about feeling disorganized. I like your sewing room too.
I noticed that we participate in many of the same memes.
Enjoyed my visit!
Amy @ Missional Mama

Mrs. Mandy said...

Thanks Amy, my hubby put the desk in there and set up the sewing stuff and I didn't even know it until he was finished. It was such a sweet surprise!

Kristi said...

I am drooling over your desk and can relate to a small amount of space (I have a mere corner in my kitchen area). Your beginning and after pictures are Awesome! Good for you. :)

rawbanana said...

Love the before and afters! thanks for sharing =)


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