Friday, August 06, 2010

N Style Review and Giveaway

About a week ago I ordered my son’s new medical alert Id from N Style Id. I got it rather quickly in great condition seeing as it was sent post. I absolutely love what we chose.  Customer service was great, I had gotten some incorrect information from another site and it only took 2 prompt emails to correct one of which was a generous offer you will benefit from.

I sat down with Brad to choose one, and since he is 14 I thought he might want to really decide on his own what he’d like. He did decide on his own and to my surprise picked a really beautiful classy bracelet.






   He already has dog tags but he is always forgetting them. This time he thought he might remember a heavier bracelet more. While it’s not heavy at all (stainless steel) he does know it’s there.

I measured his wrist with a seamstress tape measure and double checked the sizes. I ordered the smallest size because that was 1/2” larger than his measurement so I figure it would fit awhile. It fits…just…so make sure you order the next larger size if you are close like us. That has been the only issue for us, he has to have help to get it on. However this has actually helped since he can’t remove it (without help) he just leaves it on. Don’t worry it isn’t that tight, it slides up and down his arm about an inch either way but doesn’t spin.

It really looks good on him and makes him look so grown up! He loves it and says to make sure I tell ya’ll, “It is very comfortable and cool.”  I think we will be getting a leather band for when he goes out but it won’t get wet since the Id tag part is interchangeable. We are very happy with this especially since it is cheaper in both engraving fee and cost for the Id pieces than others I have seen.

I know a lot of us home school for many reasons. I see all the time special needs families who choose to home school. Those special needs range from slight to severely life threatening. I wanted to be able to bless another family who is dealing with medical issues like us. I want to be able to give you some measure of peace. It’s not much but it helps.

Now I have a great giveaway for you!!!!!! N Style has graciously provided me with a $50 gift certificate and there are 3 ways to win! 

You will receive 1 entry for each of the following:

1. Visit N Style Id look over their products, heck print out the free wallet card while you are there. Come back here and leave me a comment with your favorite.

2. Do the above AND blog about it linking to this post. Leave me a link to your post in your comment so I can check it out and thank you.

3. Do #1 AND  Facebook  it. Share with a link back to this post and leave the post link in your comment.

You must leave a way for me to contact you! If not I will pick the next person. Also the same goes for linking to my post, I gotta see it (or else how can I add you to my friends). I will be using to choose the winner at midnight (central) on Wednesday August 11.


Disclaimer: I am reviewing this product for my own experience.  The giveaway however was sponsored by N Style Id as they directly provided me with the prize.



Heather said...

Hi! This is a great giveaway. My daughter has epilepsy. It is under control, and she is mainly with me, but it would be smart to get something like this! I like the children's bands ones--although my dd would like the teen ones! Heather from TOS Crew,

Heather said...

Hi again. Not sure how to link the fb mention, but I'll try: Heather Quinn-Schilling!/quinnschilling

momma24 said...

I am hypocalcemic and my dds freak out if I don't wear my medical ID bracelet. But it is so ugly! I would love a pretty one. ;) I like the Bali beaded bracelet.

Betty said...

Great Giveaway! I would get the Butterfly child's bracelet for my dd who is allergic to tree nuts, and insect bites/stings.

Julieanne said...

I really like these bracelets! I have two nieces who have severe allergies to nuts, and I don't think they have bracelets, so if I won the GC, I would be offering them the GC to buy bracelets for their daughters. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

Julieanne (from the TOS Crew)

Julieanne said...

Oops! Forgot to mention that I like the Rose Beaded bracelet the best!

Julieanne (TOS Crew)

Penny said...

Oh, wow, I like the girly bracelets! I'd pick the simple sterling one for my daughter, who has a long list of food allergies. What a great giveaway.

Penny (TOS Crew)

Berry Patch said...

I'm a type 1 diabetic. I wear one but it's a plain black rubber bracelet. I'd love to have something prettier! I used to but it broke. ;-) I LOVE the "Lavender Lily" bracelet. Okay, I also love the look of the Bali Two Tone one too. They are all so pretty! (Lisa in ME - TOS Crew)

SisterTipster said...

I like the stainless steel one~the bangle. I have an arrythmia and take meds so I should wear one of these~thanks for offering and telling about this company!

Heather said...

Hi! I want another entry! I blogged about it, here:
thanks, good giveaway.


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