Friday, August 20, 2010

Starting out slow

We began our first day of school this past Monday and already I have figured out 2 things. I am trying to do to much and my kids are such awesome angels! I really wanted to do our 50 States Under God curriculum but realized quickly it just isn’t going to work. It means I have to buy another book and with hubby losing his enlistment in 2 weeks we just can’t do it.

I contacted Joy Dean from A Helping Hand about using the 50 States Geography with multiple students and she told me their copyright prohibits photocopies even within the family. She did graciously extend me the offer of what I paid for it at the convention back in March. However, I still won’t be able to do it.

I also think it was just trying to add to much. We use My Father’s World and after some prayer about it I think I just need to focus on it this year. I was hoping to be able to do both, but it seems overwhelming now.  My boys have been so great while I tweak and fix this and that. They have not said anything about having so much to do or that I was trying to do it all at break neck speed.

I have been forced to slow down due to some mystery pains. I hope to know more after this weekend and we will be continuing next week with Week 1 continued. I just need a few days to rest. I think I originally knew this when I felt so very unprepared to start on our first day.

I am one of those women with a high tolerance for pain and tend to push through a lot. My children and husband finally wore me down to see a doctor so I did that today with no answers only tests. They are checking for liver or kidney issues but mainly my white blood cell count.  I hope come Monday (or perhaps tomorrow) I will have some good news.

Pray for a quick resolution and full recovery while I wait, please. Especially since I am trying to start fundraising for the JDRF Walk here for my son. I am hoping to raise a few hundred dollars and walk in the mile long with my son and whoever wishes to join us.



rawbanana said...

Hi Mandy, thanks for visiting my blog! I think you will really really like ECC this year. I'm one who tends to try to do too much when it comes to the workload of my kids, but I told myself I am NOT going to do that this year and it has worked out beautifully! We are learning so much and having so much fun. I hope you get your mystery pains figured out. Have a great day! ~Anna

My Own Sense and Sensibility said...

Mandy, I am lifting you up in prayer for healing and wholeness. I come into agreement with you for the Good Report! God's timing is perfect and school will fall into place and you will have peace. Bless you sister.
In Christ Alone,
Mindy B.

My Own Sense and Sensibility said...

I am also praying for your husbands situation to be blessed by the Lord and you ALL will have a peace beyond measure as you wait on the Lord.


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