Friday, August 13, 2010

Planner Blessings

Can I just say how much I love TOS’s Planner this year? Well I do, I love it! It has blessed my life in so many ways. How can that be you ask, how can a planner bless me?

I have always felt the need to organize and re-arrange EVERYTHING! My life is in constant chaos because I am never satisfied with where things are. Someone once told me that as a military wife you know it’s time to move when you move the furniture all around. I was born to be a military wife, LOL.

I am a home school mother to 3 and this is only our second year. As you can well understand I am still in the getting my feet wet stage. Not sure what is our niche but starting to figure out what doesn’t work for us. I am also starting to accumulate curriculum and understand what others say about being curriculum junkies ( I like to say I have a book fetish)!

So you get a clear picture, lots of books + lots of movement =


I came across the 2010-2011 Planner back in March purely by accident God’s mercy. It was during the pre-buy and a good price and since I so obviously couldn’t think in my current state I agreed with God and said “well it has 600 pages I am sure I can find something in it worth using!” Boy did I, I have been able to think clearly about starting our school year, have plans for meal times in place, and no more wondering how to keep the toddler busy.


I have a place to put all those thoughts down that I spent so much time worrying about. You know the ones I mean, where you are doing something and stop because you had another thought and if you don’t go do it you’ll forget, but then you forgot what you were doing before. No that’s just me, oh well!

No more will I spend more time with books and papers than my husband (and he won’t have to dig through them to find me either)! I have a place for everything in my planner and that lets me put everything in it’s place. I have been blessed by a planner, it gave me my brain back!


It’s an amazing product all in PDF form so you can print as a paper planner for those like me who change things often, but it is also a  fully interactive digital format so you can just use it on your computer if you wish. What would you be willing to pay to get your life back? Homeschooling, housekeeping, budgeting, health, setting goals and assessing your progress are covered!  All this for $39 e-book or $44 CD, better hurry it won’t last long! Get yours now!


Disclosure: I am a member of the TOS Crew. I am posting this as an advertisement, not a review, for The Old Schoolhouse’s 2010-2011 Planner. I bought it, I use it, I love it, I’m biased. It works!



Heidi said...

Super post! I loved the slideshow!

Tracy said...

Mandy-Love this post and maybe I'll look into getting this planner if my current plan doesn't work :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm your newest follower. Follow me back if you haven't already!



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