Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Hubby, My Dear

Just want to share a little somethin, somethin with y’all!

100_3915That’s my Hot Hubby teaching the kiddos!

100_3914He can multi-task with the best of them…

100_3887    100_3890





And he is training my daughter to be a helpmeet to a future husband and to be a joyful blessing.

I have been having a difficult year and my husband, who works thirds, has been amazing in stepping in to pick up my slack. He even is quick to let me know I am not a burden even though I feel like one.

He has had a rough year himself with the military and is more than likely getting discharged. While it saddens me and I will be honest it breaks my heart, I know that this is a decision he needs to make on his own. I do not want to push him into doing what I want just to satisfy my selfish ambitions. I refuse to be like Lot’s Wife and instead will trust my Hot Hubby to lead his family right where we belong.

I pray I can always show him the love in my heart and the appreciation I have for him. I thank God for sending me such a Hot Hubby!


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