Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yale Music Course


As Charlotte Mason homeschoolers we think composer study is very important for our children. It is in this spirit I share the following link.

Listening to Music

Yale University offers a selection of free open courses. This particular course is of particular interest as the instructor uses classical music to improve a students listening experience to popular music of today. It is a very basic, intro level course and assumes you know nothing about classical music so would be appropriate for even younger children. There are required texts written by the instructor and a selection of music CDs. I feel just watching the videos are of great worth but the resources are a very good investment. I hope everyone takes a look at what is available but especially if you are using CM methods this class seems a good addition to your High Schoolers curriculum.

I would love to hear about your open course experiences and how you incorporate them into your homeschool.



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