Saturday, February 05, 2011

Change is in the air

I am being led to change some things in our homeschool. I am spending too much time trying to get my kids to pay attention. I do not remember last year being like this. We are Charlotte Mason homeschoolers and this year has felt far removed from the ideals Miss Mason espoused. I long to return to our carefree learning days, our lovely read-a-louds on the couch, the beautiful handiwork, the pride my children feel in a job well done.

MFW is a great program and we enjoyed our time using it.  I appreciate that it is local and feel honored to be able to choose such a great curriculum and to have gotten to know such a great MFW family. With that being said, my younger children will be using a different curriculum next year, one that includes all those things we missed this year.

MFW relies on the library for the read-a-louds instead of having everything in one place. I found that the library is not always my friend when I forget to return massive amounts of books. Last year I had purchased all our books we needed and loved all of them, this year the books were not so well loved and thus resulted in my forgetfulness. So while MFW fit us well it did not fit us best. We are going to go back to the lovely school we had last year and use Heart of Dakota. I will post more after I figure out just where everyone falls on the placement chart.



Lynda said...

I know how you feel when the curriculum just doesn't seem to fit anymore. We went through a huge change at the beginning of January. We could not be happier. I hope everything works out for you by changing things up.

Have a blessed weekend!

Debbie S. said...

Oh! The amount of times I have reached January and needed a change. With my boys being a month away from turning 18 and 12, I, too, miss those days on the couch! Now they are quite independent and really just want to be done with "school".

Have you looked at the Beautiful Feet packages?
The lessons are short and the reading is plentiful!


SisterTipster said...

Change CAN be good~while what often brings us to it can be hard...Hang in there, dear Sister and in the end you will have satisfaction knowing you did your best with the resources and guidance you have from the Lord!~BIG HUGS!!

shineliketheSon said...

We are using Heart of Dakota. I have no desire to try anything else as this just fits us. It is our first year and I hope to continue on with it. Next year they focus on pioneers, our FAV! Lil girl and I can't wait to dive in!

Mrs. Mandy said...

Thanks for being such an encouragement ladies! I really feel pulled to switch my oldest over but HOD does not have what I want for HS. I would end up having to add to it and that is not really what I need.

Christy said...

Thanks for sharing. Praying that you find just what each child needs, and joy along the way!


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