Friday, February 04, 2011

Dig-It Games – TOS Review

(Guest post by: B-Rad)
With all the ice and snow that we have had lately Roman Town is one fun thing we get to do while being stuck in the house. It is an interactive game in which you help with a virtual archaeological dig site. While uncovering an ancient roman town you learn about the people, places and things that made up that culture. You control a dig team to excavate artifacts from ancient Rome. After finding many artifacts you partake in solving “puzzles” to help restore the artifacts, or you can relax and play a roman game called calculi.

My general experiences with the program are excellent, the game is fun and creatively put together. The game runs smoothly from one operation to another and the music is very well selected. My eight year old brother had this to say: “I like every thing about Roman Town except the reports, because they are hard for me.”  Let me explain, after you find and restore the artifacts you must fill out a report based on what you have learned from that days excavation. This is overall a very well liked and enjoyable game.   
This can be purchased at Dig-It Games in various formats as follows:
ROMAN TOWN TEACHERS EDITION (multi-use license-CD)Price $299
ROMAN TOWN EDUCATOR'S MANUAL (Download)                  Price $19.95
Right now you can use the coupon code TOS2011 to get Roman Town single license CD for $19.96!  This coupon expires on February 21, 2011 but look at the regular price above and I think you will find this TOS2011 coupon for $19.96 is a really great deal!
Our only concern is that this program would be better if the dialog was read aloud for younger kids, other wise you will be reading the screens to your child unless your child can read independently.
To see what other families’ experiences were like please visit TOSCrew.
Mandy & Bradley
Disclosure: As a member of the TOSCrew my family received this product free of charge in exchange for our honest opinion. No other compensation has been received. 

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