Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Library just for Homeschoolers?

Who ever heard of such a thing? Well, it is not a myth and if you are lucky enough to live in the St. Louis Metro area of MO you probably have heard about it some. We are blessed to live very close to the Family Vision Library, where you will find a variety of resources.

Even though I have heard of the library for a few years now, I never had taken advantage of it. Recently, though, they had the ability to move into a larger space closer to us. My husband and I decided to go check it out. I was very happy to discover how great a collection of books, DVD’s, and CD’s is available. All of it with a Christian world view.  No more weeding out the secular materials.
I have been wanting to get the Homestead Blessings DVD’s for a while now. I saw The West Ladies trailer on Franklin Springs Media about a year ago and have been trying to find them ever since. I have to say after my trip to Vision Forum I am no longer looking as they have nearly the entire set, Yippee!
I was super excited to find out there is a whole section just for consigning homeschool curriculum. The $1 section is a wonderful thing! I found so much I could use if I am strapped for cash but want a full curriculum for my children. Not to mention making a little extra selling our stuff we do not need any longer.
There are also meeting rooms, various events, and even computers available to patrons all for free. I am amazed at how great our local homeschool library is. If you are fortunate enough to live near a homeschool library why not check it out today and see what is available.


Cariann said...

This is awesome! I am currently working on our co-op Library and wish I had the space for a library filled like this... This does inspire me to go through my closet of curriculum and take more to our library.

The Adventurer said...

Where is this? I used to live in MO and may be going back so I would love to know where this is located. thanks:)

Mrs. Mandy said...

Cariann, Can I peruse your shelves first, haha!
Adventurer, I sent you an email.

wdworkman said...

Where is this? We're just across the river in Alton.
Janet W

wdworkman said...

I'll have to check it out. We're on the other side of the river in Illinois.
Janet W


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