Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A Daughter’s Walk


What would you do to save your family’s livelihood? Would you walk cross-country, from Spokane,Washington to New York, New York in 9 months? How about in a long dress with no secure lodging or food? Well that’s just what Helga and her daughter Clara Estby did in 1896 for a $10,000 wager to save the family farm.


Jane Kirkpatrick, drawing on this factual account, takes the reader through the trials, triumphs, heartaches and losses that plague this mother and daughter throughout their trip. Something else is along for the trip and that is Helga’s firm faith and devotion to do what is right.

As the trip draws to a close Jane let’s imagination take over as she creates what might have occurred to separate Clara from her family and prompt her to live out her days away from them and make it as a successful young lady. Sources as to the speculation of this part of the novel are included and I found the information fascinating. Also included is a discussion guide for use with a group which makes it great to use in our home school.

I love historical fiction and Jane has done a superb job or crafting a tale that draws you in and holds you by the heart making you truly care and wonder about each of the characters in the story.

Here is a link to the 1st chapter:

Chapter 1-Decision

Available as an e-book $9.99, paperback $14.95 from Waterbrook-Multnomah Publishers

or audio book from Audible.com: $7.49

Disclaimer: I received this book from Waterbrook-Multnomah Publishing Groups a part of Blogging For Books in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation has been received.


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