Tuesday, June 07, 2011

What I did today…

Moved a rose bush

From here:100_5108




Ok so maybe I did not do ALL the work but I did quite a bit while the boys were complaining it was too hard. Of course then they were into it when they discovered there were only 3 roots to unearth. Although to their credit the soil was very rocky here.

To here:


Doesn’t it look happier already? Hubby dug the new hole for me since we made it a wee bit narrow, thanks hun! This is a climbing rosebush and was going up our wall and into the roof so it had to be moved. It was in a very bad spot with a ginormous honeysuckle and another bush, that I can’t think of what it is right now, blocking all the light and making it very difficult to prune.

The previous owners really had no clue as to what they were doing and much of this house is a confused mess but we hope to eventually put it to rights! If you look there is no footing for the deck post behind the bush and that is a second story deck! The deck is next on my list to get fixed.

Here is the little garden area behind our house under the kitchen:


I would love to have this as my veggie garden at some point to start with since it is right out the back door (and down the deck stairs). It would get full sun from about 10 am on if I get it all cleared of that bush but I feel bad because it has been our bird watching spot for the past 3 years. What to do, what to do?

So before I started this project I worked on an apron for little miss but need to save my pennies to buy some ribbon for ties and trim but otherwise it is finished and super simple. I post later on how to make one.





Also not sure if these are cicadas or not since I have not heard them this season but I am pretty sure they aren’t butterfly chrysalis like my son thinks. I am going to go up on the ladder tomorrow to find out for sure. I have never had them on the house like that before.


Made some yummy pasta tonight for supper with the peppers and tomatoes from my plants, added some oregano and thyme and it was super yummy! Sorry no pics though as we devoured it immediately after our hard work outside today!

Well some of us just played in the sprinkler but you know that’s hard too!





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