Sunday, June 05, 2011

Humble Gardening


I like that word, humble, it just kind of bounces out of the mouth. I have, unfortunately, not been a person that does humble very well. I am not given praise very often and I usually get haughty about that fact. I often feel that I should have been recognized for my efforts doing such and such. Now don’t get me wrong I have tried to become a more humble and contrite person but that is not my nature. I anger easily and am too darn proud to say I was wrong. The Lord knows my nature and has gently brought me to his feet to learn how to overcome it and work for His glory.



My darling 2 y/o was helping and picked these a wee bit early Winking smile

Knowing my heart the Lord has seen my family through tremendous adversity and currently we are in a season of unemployment. He has provided for our every need and I know He will continue to do so. As such he sent me my wonderful aunt who brought me a potted pepper and tomato plant when I simply mentioned I saw them at the store. I have also received an Aerogarden from the same aunt and have herbs growing there.

100_5059             Mint & Basil

100_5061    Thyme & Oregano

Let me explain a bit. My husband came from a family who on one side ran a catering business and on the other side ran a farm. In the past few years God has put it in our hearts to homestead and run a sustainable home. I am a complete city girl and have the brownest of thumbs. I am awful at growing things, or I was until about 6 years ago when the Almighty sent some amazing people to us during our years in the military. They taught me much about planting and growing the things God made. Now I am no pro but am able at least to get most things sprouted.


So as I said we have it on our hearts to homestead in the future (financially we are in a tough spot so this is on hold) but growing food is something altogether foreign to me. My tomato and pepper plants are doing well and I have fruit from the vine to prove it! We used some Impatiens for a science project and they are coming back and my son planted some seeds in Children’s church before Easter and wow are they growing! I am beginning to get a vision for container gardening since we don’t have the tools for a larger size garden that way as we are able I can plant in the ground.

100_5067Any idea what this vine is?

So many of my homeschool, homestead, & blogging friends have given me encouragement and inspiration I realized last night the Lord sent all of them in the same way he sent the wonderful ladies to me years ago. To each of you I want to say Thank you and you are a blessing to me, may the Father Almighty pour out his blessings among you.

Tomato & Pepper Plants




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Briana said...

Great post! What a kind Aunt! My mom spoils me with new garden plants every time she visits. The Aerogarden looks like a fun way to experiment.

I have a few seed packets(radish, inca corn, and sunflowers) that I got for free from Seeds of Change. If you would like them send me your address and I'll drop them in the mail! My email is brigonia @

I agree, it is hard to be humble and have others take care of you. I just try to be grateful and look for ways to help others in return.

Blessings and may your homestead wishes come true!


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