Thursday, September 22, 2011

AIMS Getting Into Geometry ~ TOS Review


Recently I had the chance to review a product from the AIMS Education Foundation. AIMS stands for Activities Integrating Mathematics and Science and is a non-profit publisher of hands-on instructional materials that build conceptual understanding. Beginning with a grant in 1981 from the National Science Foundation AIMS Education Foundation set out to make math and science fun and exciting to students through their materials, and help educators gain expertise in teaching math and science through their sponsorship of a national professional development program.


I was so glad to get this particular book, Getting Into Geometry, which is geared toward grades K-1, because I have a 30 month old daughter who is chomping at the bit to do school. The layout of this book is in 3 sections, lesson plans, games, and literature selections. I love that the lesson section can be used in any order you like, for example the section on 2D shapes has a number of activities you can choose from. The games reinforce the lessons in a fun and laid back way. The literature selections section has many books that are great for children to enjoy as a read aloud over and over.


Each lesson has a topic, key question and learning goal, materials list, and for those of us that like to check things off standards and topics met in the lesson. Any needed background information and prep work is noted, and the procedure is step by step for easy implementation. Most lessons have more than one activity that can be done using the materials and concludes with a list of learning connections. After each lesson is a copy master for the materials needed for the lesson work, however a CD is provided with a PDF of each lessons printables.

We loved how easy it was to use and how the CD was provided so I could just print out what we needed at the time. I am very excited to use this full time with my youngest as she gets older and is better able to fully attend to the lessons. Each lesson was so simple and the materials needed were on hand and fun to use. For a hands on math you can’t do better than AIMS.

You can check out the other AIMS titles HERE.

Getting Into Geometry can be purchased for $24.95
Don’t forget to check out the free activities page here for a sample of how the lessons are laid out.

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Disclosure: I have received the above product in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation has been received.

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Pleasantly Peavey said...

Hi Mrs. Mandy - Stopping by while reading Crew blogs and reviews - Looks like a good addition for Geometry. Thanks for the informative review. Blessings from Roberta at Pondering on the Prairie!


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