Thursday, September 29, 2011

Aletheia ~ TOS Review


As a homeschool parent who loves to write I often wonder if my children will pick up my love for writing poetry or perhaps branch out into novels or short stories. I love seeing young people get published but I had never been aware of a publication that makes it easy for homeschools to do so. I had the opportunity to get acquainted with a magazine that does just that, Aletheia.


Aletheia is a Christian magazine for teens 13-19, and while not specifically aimed at homeschool writers does feature many pieces written by them.

My oldest is a great writer but does not like writing himself. He does enjoy animation and video games so when he grabbed the magazine and disappeared with it on numerous occasions I knew this was a good thing.

He finally let me read it and I loved the stories and articles, but my favorite feature was the photos that accompanied the writings. All of my children love taking pictures and this was a great opportunity for them to have a goal with their hobby.

Aletheia cover page

I think the only complaint from my son was that he would like the writings to be organized into sections. I think he is just logical like that, so for him all the poems should be together, all the short stories together, articles together, you get the idea. While this might be good for my Aspie it is in no way a problem with the magazine. I personally thought the layout was good.

A subscription is 4 issues quarterly at $26/year and guess what shipping and handling FREE!


You can view a sample of their Spring 2011 issue here.

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Disclosure: I received the Fall issue of the above publication in exchange for my honest review.

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