Saturday, September 10, 2011

Week In Review (9/9)

This week was a bit of a struggle as I have not been feeling well and that makes for late starts all around. That, of course, makes for very long days. We did discover Miss D is getting very good at cutting paper, which only a month or so ago she could not even make the scissors open and close, yeah! Both boys have been having fun with their poetry even doing them in Irish and Scottish voices. I am not feeling pressured to “get it all done” which is a huge plus.

We will start with youngest first ~ Miss D
  First puzzle time which lasts at least 20 minutes.P9080008

  Scissor Practice- I did not expect her to do this well

More Scissor time – she requested this multiple times and just loves to make “confetti”! This time I added some colored strips to make it interesting. I think she might conceivably do this one activity all day if I let her.

C-Man – Week 3 of Bigger

   Science- Testing different types of bird beaks on a beach.

P9050012Science – Floating egg experiment, Salty vs Clear water


Science- Writing out the experiment sheet


History – Compass Rose practice

P9070018Science –Notebooking


Science- Changes to the shore experiment


Poetry – Working with similes

And our eldest B-Rad – In week 2 of CTC

Poetry – Painting with watercolors.


Poetry – Reciting Frost’s “the Pasture” with a Scottish lilt.


History Project -
Cylinder seal, which did not dry properly so we improvised.

I really want to try to get more pictures of my oldest working next week, for now here is my favorite pic of the week. All three of my darlings working in the same room, they love our school room!


Adamant Academy said...

They look so cozy in your room and I need to practice with cutting more too thanks for the remind!!

wdworkman said...

Looks like you had a fun week!


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