Saturday, September 24, 2011

Week In Review–9/16

Bigger Unit 4









Math-learning 3 digit addition and subtraction





Art-Indian blanket




History-learning how explorers and American Indians used the barter/trade system



Geography-Graham Cracker Continents








Narration- Copying the main idea









Science-evaporation of salt vs. fresh water



CTC Unit 3 & 4


History project


Poetry week 3






History Notebooking Week 3





Poetry Week 4




History Notebooking Week 4




Obviously this is more than just one week. I decided to let C-man off this week and work one on one with B-rad to fix some kinks in scheduling and where and how to do certain work. I am hoping it sticks and he remembers what we discussed so he doesn’t have so much to re-do. We really didn’t have a method for his bible study, extension, and storytime narrations and he needed to be more in depth with some others.

So now both boys will be working on the same week from now on (unless we need to do some later adjusting). I would have posted this last week with just week 3 CTC and week 4 Bigger but this way my posts will match what we are actually working on!

I also wanted to mention how much I am loving HOD. My absolute favorite thing is that my hubby can quite literally walk in and take over classes, which since this pregnancy is a bit harder on me than previous ones helps soooo much! I Red heart HOD



The Adventurer said...

Love the apron post will be given this a try as I am looking for simple sewing projects for my kids to learn to use the sewing machine. Lots of good work happening in your house:) Always nice to read what others are doing. Stopping by from workboxes and following already:)

happy's mommy said...

This is my first year homeschooling two...and it's taking A LOT more energy than I imagined just to get a workable schedule flowing! I can relate to the juggle now! :)

Stopping by and following from the Workbox forum.

...danielle - raising little rhodies


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