Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Child’s Apron from an Old Towel

I had seen this idea somewhere online before and thought “Oh, that’s looks easy!”  Ummm…yeah if you have a sewing machine that is not possessed and locks up every fifth stitch for no strange reason. I did finally finish my project tonight however and have decided to post pictures so you can try this easy-peasey project for your little one.


1 Hand towel or terry cloth material about 16 in X 24 in


1 piece of 10in X 7in

2 yards of double fold bias tape

Quick Instructions:

  • First measure your child against one short end of the towel and pin where you would like the ties to be placed for the neck.
  • Next measure and pin the long sides where you would like the ties to be at the waist.

Not measured here just to give you an idea of where to pin and cut
Not measured here, just illustrating where to pin and cut.

  • Now take your towel and lay face down on your table. Fold each top corner in toward the center from the pinned top and side this will be your 1/4 inch hem on each side. after sewing trim the extra off.
  • To make the pockets sew your coordinating material with a 1/4in hem all the around, or if you want to save some time sew the long edge that will be the top off the pocket with a 1/4in hem, fold and press the other 3 sides with 1/4in under, center on towel and sew around two sides and the bottom making sure to catch the hem in your stitches. Sewing a straight line down the middle of your pocket will give you 2 pockets.apron3

  • Cut the bias tape into 4 pieces at the length you would like for your ties adding 1 in to each piece. You will turn in the each end of each piece of bias tape 1/4in and sew to give a clean edge to each.
  • Pin your ties to the top and sides 1/2in in from the edge of your towel and sew a square at the end of the tape to attach your ties.

I would suggest stopping and measuring on your child as often as you need to to ensure fit.


Enjoy your new little one’s joy as they help out around the home in their new apron.

I would love to see your finished aprons!


1 comment:

McMama said...

I like this apron! My almost 3 year old LOVES to help wash dishes but water ends up all over her! This towel apron might help absorb some of that...so simple and cute. I'll have to try this soon!


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