Friday, September 09, 2011

Week in Review x 2

I meant to do a week in review each week for each child but already got behind. Nothing new here, right? Moving in with extended family kind of drains you so I am just doing our first 2 weeks at once, I hope you don’t mind all the pictures.
Which reminds me why do we think everyone wants to see our pictures?
I mean wasn’t it just a few years ago we dreaded going to Aunt Myrtle’s to see the boring vacation pictures? Oh yes that’s right we have all this cool technology so the pictures are instant, like as in the same time the action happened the picture was viewed by everybody and of course we cool software to make our pictures more interesting.
Alas there are some people who still take boring pictures but I hope you don’t think I am one of them…Ahem! So now to the review, we are using Heart Of Dakota for both the boys, Bigger for C-Man who is 9, and Creation To Christ for B-Rad who is 15 (with adjustments for High School).
C-Man started a week before his big bro so I will put him first.
P8220398Bible Study Time – doing motions to go with our memory verse. I think this is his favorite part!

Poetry -  He really enjoyed doing the painting and did such a super job too!

Of course Lil Sis had to get in on the painting action too.


Then there was Maths…

Copywork and Cursive…

Hymn study, Geography and History, and finally Science.P8260441
B-Rad Has mostly independent work so not quite as many photo ops for his first week, although I did let him schedule himself and he is doing rather well with that. We do need to work on time management this year a bit.
Here is a shot of his schedule, we don’t do everything everyday that’s listed and we don’t start until 10ish but that’s why he isn’t getting done until 4ish. Working on that slowly.P9070027 The times are approximate and the color coding is for levels of independent work.

He did an amazing job with his poetry and watercolor painting.

P9070019Taking notes in Maths


History Notebooking – He is really making this his own!
Overall the boys enjoyed their first weeks and we have had one of the smoothest starts yet! I am loving HOD and while we need to be more diligent in time management (me included) I think this will be a great year and a wonderful blessing. I look forward to sharing our Weeks In Review as the year progresses!

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