Thursday, September 08, 2011

New School Pictures

We decided to take first day of the school year pictures every year since we began homeschooling and this years were especially fun. We took it outside this time around and just had fun being cute!


If he would just quit laughing when I take his pic they’d be great. I always here how he won’t smile for others when they try to get his picture but I never have THAT problem it is usually the opposite. So this was the most serious I could get.



He was loving the whole process and posing it up. This one is my favorite shot and he looks so grown up.


  This was another great one but all the bench shots were too sunny to turn out well.






Lil Sis Miss D

She was being such a good sport and even let me do her hair. She was so excited to get her school pictures taken with the boys.












And one of her usual face when I am taking her picture although this one was perfect until I snapped it then she morphed! P8260442

What are some of your First day traditions?


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