Saturday, April 30, 2011

Called to Service

I believe we have been called, called by God to serve our fellow man. I have had the tornadoes that have hit the US on my mind lately. Who hasn’t right? Houses and businesses leveled men, women and children missing, injured or dead it has devastated so much and broken so many hearts. Where we live we were lucky and I feel God’s blessing in that!
My husband was trapped in a small gate house on the flightline of the airport at which his Air National Guard unit is housed. The destruction there is obvious but miraculously no one was seriously hurt

Other states were hit so much harder than we were.
As a Christian, homeschooling, military family I know we are richly blessed by God. We have multiple strong networks we can rely on in times of need such as this. There are others who maybe do not have a church home or their church is not a Christian one. Perhaps they have no one else to help out because they have tried to make it on their own. Most however are everyday people who go to work, send their kids to the local school and just try to make it through. These are the ones on my heart lately. These are the ones we as Christians should be asking the most “We feel your pain, what can we do how can we help?”

As many know prayer and donations are wonderful and can make such a difference, but what of your time and talents? A short tale if you will to illustrate how simply you can bless another. My father lives 5 miles from his aunt, cousins, and second cousins. They were all hit hard during last weeks tornado. His 85 year old aunt trapped in her home because of an enormous tree blocking both front and back exits. She had no water, and no power, lines were down everywhere. many houses, including one cousins, were condemned because of the extent of the damage. My father was assisting with the task of getting Aunt Billie out and generally cutting away the trees when a stranger approached and asked if they would like to use a bucket truck saying he had one they could use. When my father inquired as to the cost the stranger said it was the least he could do and it was no charge. His way of seeing his community restored he said. They worked until 8 that evening restoring the community, work is still on going.
What if we all work as this man did at restoring our community, God’s community. Believer’s or no God loves all of us and it is his will that we bring hope, help, healing, peace, and His message to all those affected by the terrible storms.

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The Adventurer said...

When lived in STL prior to moving to the UK so I am very familiar to Lambert airport. It was amazing to watch this video. I have seen new stories on the destruction of the airport. So glad your husband wasn't hurt. It is so nice to hear that their were people out helping others, they are good people in this world we just don't hear of them often. Thanks for sharing that story it warms my heart.


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