Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Kinderbach ~ TOS Review

I was a little skeptical at first with a product that teaches piano to preschoolers. After watching the weekly lessons I have to say Kinderbach is a very fun and engaging music curriculum. While piano is the instrument being taught, music theory is a core component.
I have to laugh as my two boys (one of whom is a big boy, at 15) really enjoyed these videos. They got involved and fully participated in each lesson. My 2 year old daughter thought the music and characters were fun and enjoyed dancing. Getting everyone settled down after our piano lessons was a bit of a struggle so we usually used them at the end of the day as a reward for diligence in work.

Kinderbach is a video based piano curriculum that is broken down into 6 levels with a 7th on the way. Each level is scheduled for 10 weeks with 4 lessons each week. Accompanying the videos are printable workbooks to reinforce the lessons learned and songbooks, coloring books, and games. The lessons are short, sweet, and totally fun!

You can purchase a online subscription which is most economical or if you choose a DVD package. This curriculum is intended to be a two year program so you would not need to get all the DVDs at once unless you wanted to. I personally would prefer the DVDs since our internet is a little iffy and our videos did have some lag, a few seconds here and there but no real issue and certainly not due to the video quality which, by the way, was wonderful.
Incorporating reading, math, and writing these lessons are perfect for homeschoolers and classrooms alike. the first 3 levels have already been formatted for in class use and teacher materials are available. You can read the curriculum syllabus here.
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Online Subscription-
Year Membership
$95.88 annual or $19.99 monthly
Day Pass
$5.95 for a single day
DVDs- A Single Level includes (3 Disks)
- 1 engaging live action and animation DVD (3 hours of video)
- 1 PDF activity book on CD (with parent guide) - pages to complete with the DVD lessons
- 1 audio CD with performance & demonstration tracks - literally piano 'karaoke' so your child can play along with the band!
(multi level packages are available but prices vary)
Price $40.45
Songbooks- $23.95 which include
1 - PDF Songbook on CD
1 - Corresponding Audio CD

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Disclosure: Our family received a free subscription in exchange of our honest opinion of the above product. No other compensation was received.


Very Blessed Mamma said...

Oh, we love KinderBach! It is so fun.
I am also following you now! You must be at the end of the Blog Walk! I am too.

Doreen said...

Thank you for sharing your experience with KinderBach. It's great they offer it on DVD also since you mentioned you have a slow internet service. You can still get the great benefits of this program! I enjoyed your post and I really enjoyed the beautiful music while reading. I'm stopping by with the Crew and now I'm a follower. God Bless,


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