Friday, April 08, 2011

Science Weekly ~ TOS Review

Science Weekly is a fun way to incorporate a cross curricular science program. A four page module focused on a single topic is presented in newsletter format and comes in 5 grade levels. Each one includes a front page article introducing the topic, the other three pages have activities for a lab/experiment, vocabulary, math, writing, and a fun puzzle or challenge activity.
Included in the subscription is a Teaching Notes supplement which includes information on the labs, background on the topic, questions to get the kids thinking, tips for each activity and answer key for each lesson. Additional resources are included on the back page to assist with planning.
Science Weekly is published 15 times a year: 2/month September – April with the exception of December which is only 1/month.
Here is a link to a sample module on Coral Reefs.

Science Weekly Interactive has modules for grades 1-4 which your child can complete the activities online using the new interactive format which is very fun and easy to use. The last page includes a link to a printable PDF of the module and an answer key.
This for me was the bonus as they are free and very nicely done. The interface is wonderful and simple to use. I also love that it is printable. So many times when a company has interactive components it ends up being the same as what you buy but this is not the case here. The interactive online modules are different than the print modules so it is like you get 5 more for free if you use these too. There are 4 grade levels to choose from. Coloring books are a new addition to their program and while we did not utilize them they look great! You can find those here.
From the site:
“Each module of Science Weekly is written at six reading levels covering grades K–6. This allows parents with two or more children to order the same topic for each child. It can’t get better. Now there is no reason for a child to fall behind in science.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity. You can make it happen for as little as $19.95 per child per year.
*Excellent for home schooling.”
Biological ScienceLife Science
Physical ScienceTechnology

2010 - 2011 topics include:

September - December 2010
The Flu
Composting (our module we received to review)
The Science of Movies
The Science of Money
January - April 2011
Scuba Diving
Poisonous Animals
Green Buildings
The Moon
Very affordable (unless you have a lot of kiddos) at just $19.95 per student (individual subscriptions) per year. I do have to note though it would be nice if they came out with a third pricing option for larger families.
If you have a need for 20 subscriptions then it is just $4.95 a student/year. This makes it great for a coop class in my opinion. Click the banner below to purchase yours today.
Disclaimer: We received every level of one module free in exchange for our honest opinion. Click the TOSCrew Banner at the top to see what other homeschool families thought about this product.

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