Friday, April 22, 2011

See The Light ~ TOS Review

Art is my favorite subject to teach my children. I love seeing what they create. I am very particular as to what curriculum (or not) we use. I was very excited to be able to review the first DVD in See The Light Shine’s Art Class curriculum.
Art Class is a “club” taught by Master Artist Pat Knepley which teaches kids the basic fundamentals of art and intertwines it with bible stories. Appropriate for ages 6 and up 36 step-by-step lessons  contained on 9 DVD’s provide a full years curriculum. There are also bonus lessons on chalk art, creative lettering, and the joy of art.

“Pat Knepley’s warmth and engaging personality captures the attention of children, draws them into the learning process, and leads them through a successful drawing experience in every lesson.
Each lesson runs approximately 15 minutes and includes suggestions for follow-up drawing activities.
Art History is another feature of ART CLASS. Your children will become acquainted with the famous masterpieces of many artists.”
My children really enjoyed the first DVD in this series including the bonus Chalk Art lesson. I really like that there are no workbooks or texts needed. One thing I really dislike about many art courses (for homeschoolers) is that I can’t just give my kids a pencil and a sketchbook. Having to worry about whether or not I have the lesson pages copied or a second book purchased so both my boys (and later my daughter) can create is not something I deal well with.
I appreciate that the instructor talks about all the tools used to create art. It is so refreshing to have a lesson or two explain what all the “stuff” is so that my 8 year old can really understand. Short, simple and concise lessons are perfect for my children’s disabilities and I tend to gush over these things and they miss what I am saying (yes, I know, I need to take a hint).
Now the painful part, pricing. At one time you could purchase the DVD’s in various packages or even individually which in the long run could get expensive. However since these are so great and you are going to want them all anyway, there are now two options to buy the Art Class.
Option 1: 9 DVD’s including bonus classes – $99.99
Option 2: A monthly subscription – $10 a month
The monthly subscription works a bit different then most so here is how it is described on the See The Light Shine site.
“With your initial subscription you'll receive access to the first four lessons. Each month thereafter your subscription unlocks the following four lessons while still giving you access to all the lessons you've already worked through!”
I myself would probably do the DVD’s just because then I could watch them easily on my TV and set up my children around that instead of trying to crowd around the computer or tie it up with multiple watching (even though they are pretty short lessons). I do wish they would bring back the ability to purchase single DVDs or a few at a time, however as for my family that would work best.
Be sure to check out other families’ thoughts on how this worked for them at the banner at the top.
Disclaimer: As a member of the TOSCrew I received only the first DVD in this series to review, all of my opinions are based on that DVD. I received no other compensation and in return provided my honest opinion.

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